[scribus] Gray dot at mouse click

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid at altmuehlnet.de
Fri Feb 12 19:33:14 CET 2010

Gregory Pittman schrieb:
> On 02/12/2010 09:18 AM, John Culleton wrote:
>> On Friday 12 February 2010 03:37:12 Jan de Weerd wrote:
>>>>> Hmm. I have KDE4.3.4. that is QT-based I guess? I closed all other
>>>>> apps,
>>>>> but no change.
>>>>> When I start Scribus the dot appears when I click in an empty space of
>>>>> the Scribus window (gray area or blank part of the sheet). When I
>>>>> click
>>>>> in a text or image frame it does not happen. When I after clicking
>>>>> in a
>>>>> frame click in the empty space the first time nothing happens, but at
>>>>> the second click it is there.
>>>> Now that you explain it this way, I can say that I have seen such an
>>>> artifact, but I think it's some kind of inconsequential display
>>>> artifact. It does not affect the document, does not show up in print or
>>>> in the final PDF.
>>>> So it's a curiosity for sure, but a curiosity that can be safely
>>>> ignored.
>>>> Greg
>>> You are right, but when I noticed it the first time I had Scribus open
>>> while observing the output pdf and because the effect shines through it
>>> looked as if it was present in the pdf. Also I have to be aware of it
>>> when I edit an image in gimp.
>>> Jan
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>> I suspect that the mouse is still set up to draw a text or an image
>> frame. Try
>> highlighting the gray dot (double click?) and then hit delete key.
> No, this has nothing to do with any action, simply clicking on the
> canvas in Select Item mode. When you click another location, a new one
> appears and the previous one disappears.
> Greg
Hi all,

this mysterious gray dot has nothing to do with any action, as stated
above. Its something deep inside Qt, as i've noticed that our canvas
redraws everything properly and then Qt paints that dot above our

I've tried today to fix that, but sadly i've failed after 4 hours
of work on that.

Franz Schmid

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