[scribus] Gray dot at mouse click

Jan de Weerd jdweerd at ziggo.nl
Fri Feb 12 09:37:12 CET 2010

>> Hmm. I have KDE4.3.4. that is QT-based I guess? I closed all other apps,
>> but no change.
>> When I start Scribus the dot appears when I click in an empty space of
>> the Scribus window (gray area or blank part of the sheet). When I click
>> in a text or image frame it does not happen. When I after clicking in a
>> frame click in the empty space the first time nothing happens, but at
>> the second click it is there.
> Now that you explain it this way, I can say that I have seen such an
> artifact, but I think it's some kind of inconsequential display
> artifact. It does not affect the document, does not show up in print or
> in the final PDF.
> So it's a curiosity for sure, but a curiosity that can be safely ignored.
> Greg
You are right, but when I noticed it the first time I had Scribus open
while observing the output pdf and because the effect shines through it
looked as if it was present in the pdf. Also I have to be aware of it
when I edit an image in gimp.


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