[scribus] Scribus goes to wrong screen.

Richard Acosta eyelagui at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 15:57:05 CET 2010

I´m currently using 1.3.5 and everytime i open Scribus the first time a 
day, it goes to an imaginary lower screen.

My desktop layout is a 22" screen on top of a 13.3" laptop screen.

I open scribus the first time and send it to top screen, then i work 
with scribus on 22" screen.

After working, i close scribus, unplug screen and go away with my 
laptop. Don't open scribus until next day and 2nd screen attached.

I come back, plug screen open scribus and.... does not appear. If i 
click on taskbar icon i see scribus maximize and minimize, but dissapear 
to lower part of screen, as if there was another screen for scribus 
maximize to.

I change my screens layout (upper screen to bottom) and scribus appears. 
So i move it to "main" screen, then rearrange layout and i can start 
working again.

I have tested closing Scribus from upper and lower screens, but always 
goes out of boundaries when opening next day and always to a lower screen.

It happened also on Scribus

I'm on Windows Seven x64

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