[scribus] degenerate objects

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 10 11:03:22 CET 2010

Certainly, if someone wants to fork Scribus into a Scribus-For-Dummies 
version, I say, go for it!
I say, go for it too, I know a lot of people who would like that and 
would benefit from it.
IMHO I would not like a fork though, I believe that you can build 
applications with choices supporting profiles or preferences which then 
allow a range of users to use the software, with no discrimination.
A professional should certainly be able to use a piece of software that 
is easy to use, provided it is (still) capable.
I don't think you need to drop the original goals of scribus, you just 
make them your primary goals, and by introducing secondary ones you 
could broaden it's appeal and usefulness to more than just the original 
target audience.

Otherwise I think we want to promote professionalism and knowing your 
content and paying attention to the array of information that Scribus 
has at your disposal.
I know what you are saying, and as I've said above I think you can still 
make software such that that behaviour is available and or possibly the 
default after selecting the "professional profile". But there are other 
potential users of Scribus who do not need that level of 
"professionalism" for all of their work or uses all of the time, though 
they may have sporadic needs for it and that is where have the one 
application with the ability to choose the level of "professionalism" 
would be useful. If you broaden the appeal, you may find more 
constructive feedback that is universal (equally applicable to 
professionals and dummies) and maybe even more developers too.

e.g. The Preflight Verifier, as per my other posting, whether you are 
professional or amateur, I think offering an initial quick summary of 
the types of problems and an indication of the number of instances of 
each could be useful no matter the user level. The professional could 
drill down / expand the list (and potentially sort as desired) and 
resolve in the order they wish, while the amateur can quickly scan for 
anything that concerns them and only look at the ones that worry them?
You can always leave the existing mechanism for the "die-hard retro" 
profile users :-)

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