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Wed Feb 10 11:00:14 CET 2010

Þann mið 10.feb 2010 02:24, skrifaði Gregory Pittman:
> On 02/09/2010 08:40 PM, James Rhodes wrote:

>> Message:
>> I just started a new document using A2 paper, double sided and
>> designed the
>> entire page as I want. Now how do I flip the document to start
>> designing the
>> back side of the document?
> Um, James, you're always working on the fronts of the pages.
> When you get ready to print, this process of printing on both sides is
> imposition. If you're taking your work to a commercial printer, they can
> likely handle the imposition for you.
> If you want to do this on a printer hooked up to your computer, you
> print one side, then the other. If you have a duplex printer, it may be
> a bit quicker, but you still need the imposition.
> Greg

Are you meaning how you can add a new page (new side of your 
existing sheet) ?

Page --> Insert

In DTP jargon placing a specific page on the back of another 
(e.g. p.1 and p.4, p.2 and p.3) is called imposition. Your 
printer driver/software may be capable of that function.


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