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2010/2/9 William F. Maddock <billsey at earthlink.net>

> On Sun, 2010-02-07 at 19:53 +0100, a.l.e wrote:
> > using your parallel with spell checking, i think that there may be a
> > list of exception for the current document... but i'm not sure if this
> > is really a good idea...
> >
> How about a simple "import check" that could throw up an alert if an
> importing object would fail some part of the pre-flight check? That way,
> the user could be asked about their intentions right away, at which
> point they could either stop the import process and go back to re-do the
> object to be imported, or tell the alert to set an ignore flag for that
> occurrence of that property of that object so that the pre-flight check
> would then see that flag and not throw an alert for that instance.

Throw up an alert at the import point instead of at the end of the design
process could really help people work.

Especially in the case of low image resolution.

There are various ways we could do this. It must be optional, of course. The
image that would fail the test on pre-flight could be marked with some sign
— an X or the resolution value, a watermark of some sort or a layer,
something non-destructive of course but a clear sign. This would not prevent
the user to use the image but would serve as a reminder for everyone
involved in the production of this document. The warning could print as

So, either the image is not usable, Or it exists somewhere else at a higher
resolution. In any event, it can only be good to get this warning in the
earliest possible stage of production.


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