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Thank you very much guys, for taking time in solving my questions.

A.l.e, let me explain a little further, and thank you also for the patience.

When one's working with Adobe Indesign, or similars, there's the possibility of importing a PDF to a frame and crop it's borders (existing crop marks, bleed marks, blank spaces, etc.) by dragging the frame border to hide the unnecessary areas.

Then, when the imported PDF its cropped, you can hold Ctrl, left-click the frame border and drag to resize it, making it bigger or smaller to fit the desired area, but without losing the areas you've hidden before.

That's what I've been trying to do in Scribus, unsuccesfully.

Thanks one more time for the help, you all.

Helder Terra

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hallo helder,

> Also, can someone tell me how to crop an imported PDF area, and then
> scale it without losing the changes?

i think you should explain further what you are trying to do...

- setting the size of the frame
- setting the scaling of its content
- double clicking on the frame and moving the content
solve your problem?

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