[scribus] tab-through selections

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Feb 4 10:41:30 CET 2010

hi nick,

> 1. If no objects are selected on the current page, then cycle between 
> all objects on the page
> 2. If the currently selected object covers other objects, cycle 
> between all of those
> 3. If multiple objects are selected, cycle between all of those - and 
> possibly any objects that they cover.
> I am thinking that Alt-Click would be a reasonable gesture for this 
> operation, but I seem to recall that some of the systems (Mac or 
> Windows) only supports 2 qualifier keys for mouse clicks, so maybe we 
> need something else, such as perhaps Ctrl-Tab?

1. a key for cycling is a good idea (even nicer: a way to cycle through 
a set of selected frames... but this would require bigger modifications 
to the code). (when the user is not in text edit mode) would shift+tab 
an option?
2. with alt+click (i'm not sure if it is indeed alt, i'm on OS X right 
now) you can already select objects wich are behind other objects (on OS 
X, you use the apple+click)
3. ctrl+tab is already in use for cycling through the open documents


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