[scribus] degenerate objects

Nik scribus at babel.homelinux.net
Thu Feb 4 08:36:42 CET 2010

Hi Folks,

There have been times when we've unexpectedly found miniature frames and 
lines in documents.

The basic issue is that an unselected object of any type is almost 
In earlier versions of Scribus, empty image frames displayed an 'X', and 
even when they were accidentally shrunk to miniature size, a visible 'X' 
was still displayed - even if it were bigger than the actual frame bounds.

In Scribus, I notice that the 'X' is now clipped to the size of 
the frame, even when it is miniature, so these frames are easily missed 
on a reasonably filled page.

So the nett result is that if a frame or line is somehow accidentally 
reduced to miniature size, it is often not detected until the final 
print comes back from the printer, where these frames show up as small 
dots in random locations.

So my request is:

Q1: Would it be possible, please, to have an additional check added to 
the pre-flight verifier that warns of "degenerate" objects, which are 
generally: any object that is so small as to be useless for actual display.

A user preference could set the threshold size for the different types, 
but the default would be something like:

* any line shorter than 3 points
* any frame with a width or height smaller than 3 points

With such a warning added to the pre-flight checker, locating and 
removing any such degenerate objects would be a piece of cake.


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