[scribus] last stable version for mac?

lars hennings post at larshennings.de
Wed Feb 3 10:59:43 CET 2010

Hi, a.l.e

it is not nessessery to write in German.
After you told me to take I tried again, step by step.

I didn´t recognice before that there are not only settings for the  
hole scribus but there are special settings for each document. Should  
be clear, I know, but in the crashing feeling... stupid, sorry.
So I didn´t see that in the documents settings there were not entries  
at the color management AND it was klicked the: show in printers  
colors. That is wrong and must be deactiv. Than it is ok, no  
transparency, really dark.

thanks a lot (I hope this english is to understand?)

Lars Hennings
12045 Berlin, 0170 3806565, 030 85713790

Am 02.02.2010 um 22:25 schrieb a.l.e:

> hi lars
>> I tried sribus to my mac iBook G4 (RAM 750 MB) with OSX
>> 10.4.11
>> A first broschure was ok, the PDF-X3 ok.
>> Than I had a crash and after the new installation the included
>> photographys were transparent, I could read the types below.
>> I installed once more, now the same ! images, which are ok in the
>> first broschure comes to light, but it seems ok in the PDF. The file
>> from the first broschure is ok in the third installation but not the
>> same images loading in the third installation. So I take the file
>> from the first and change it for another format.
>> For there are some problems more I looked for the stable
>> But I can´t find it. I don´t know what is aqua? not what is
>> scribusSVG? And I reed about a special installing (fink...), for it
>> is no *.dmg.
>> What is your experience with on the mac?
>> At least, you see it, my english is not enough for understanding the
>> procedures.
> you may try in german...
> but:
> - forget scribus aqua
> - should work
> - reinstalling is not the solution
> for the rest, i'll wait for a german explaination of your problem...
> ciao
> a.l.e
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