[scribus] Scribus and two screens

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Feb 1 22:10:54 CET 2010

hi richard,

> At this moment i'm working on Scribus using my laptop and an extra
> 22" LCD on top of the laptop screen.
> I have the screen layout, the same as my physical screens, that is,
> my 12" laptop below my 22" monitor.
> So i put scribus on my 22" (up) and the rest o programs, open
> folders, image previews, etc.... on the lower screen. (12")
> Now... when i close Scribus unplug external monitor and restart
> Scribus, it goes off screen, as if my external (UP) monitor still
> were connected. I guess i dont need to clarify that this only happens
> with scribus and absolutely not any other program, i mean Gimp,
> xnview, media player, aimp, Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice... etc...
> So i have to go, plug my monitor, activate it and drag Scribus(down)
> to laptop screen.
> ALSO... when i do the described actions, i mean, close scribus,
> unplug monitor but also use my laptop for other tasks, or just shut
> down and come back to work next day, i plug my external monitor,
> start Scribus and.... it goes to an imaginary lower screen. I mean, i
> have my 12" laptop below my 22" monitor, so i have nothing under the
> laptop screen (as if i could put a screen on my keyboard).
> So, i have to change the screens layout, send my 22" below the 12"
> one to see scribus screen and drag it to my 12" screen... then
> rearrange my screens layout putting the 22" on top so i can start to
> work again.
> I'm using on Windows, and i insist, this behavior does not 
> exist with any othe program i use.

afaik, scribus has problems to reset its windows coordinates when their lay outside of the monitor...

personally, i don't know how we could solve them (beside an automatic check...), but i think it would a good if you could put your notes above into the bug report system:



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