[scribus] Re : (Scribus) Insertion of a gif from a browser

Ivan Winters iwinters at virginmedia.com
Thu Dec 30 22:45:08 CET 2010

Hello All

1. Happy New Year

2. I am running Scribus under Windows XP

Want to put a gif image in an image frame for a leaflet layout. The gif is on a website so I can view it in a browser (Opera) but how do I get it from browser screen to insertable in an image frame ? Tried a screen grab using GIMP and then using the GIMP select tool to get it from the white background it is on. But I found that the image frame allows 'cut' and 'copy' but not paste.

Otherwise very impressed with what I have seen (used to be a print broker back in the 1990's - still organise some printing for occasional customers). I like the Getting Started Tutorial

Ivan Winters
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