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Wed Dec 29 22:21:22 CET 2010

Peter P. wrote:
> On 12/29/10 9:38 pm, John Culleton wrote:
>> Scribus is aimed primarily at printed rather than web products,
>> although there is a choice when you produce a pdf.  For one thing
>> the
>> typical pdf produced by Scribus is very large.
> As I'm talking about a primarily text based newsletter I think file
> size will
> not be the big problem.
> But what alternatives exist to create an electronic newsletter that
> good to
> read (literally!) by people not necessarily used to electronic
> media?


> So we're again at "creating a printable product". The UA-thing is
> something
> additional for the visually disabled recipient ... The main focus of
> my
> initial request should have been read on "template creation",
> dynamic content
> and scrapbook ...


> If a PDF contains all structural information necessary to be ABLE to
> reflow
> text a "not PDF"-view on the information is possible. This is useful
> for
> eBooks as well as necessary for something like screen readers.
> And if the text for example contains hyphenation information a
> screen reader
> can flawlessly read the text.
> I think we can agree a blind person does not care about 100% defined
> page
> layout PDF offers. OTOH it's not sensible to be enforced to create
> two
> documents ... One for people gaining from efforts put into good
> typesetting
> and one containing only pure information for those who use a screen
> reader.

If you don't get an answer about PDF/UA here, try

I believe there are members who are familiar with producing
documents that are usable by screen readers. We've had discussion on
that topic in the past.
--Judy M.

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