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I agree with the sentiment, Zed, but as it is, I am only smart enough to speak one language badly.

There are always free translation programs available online, like Babelfish ( http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_txt ), but they can only give one the gist of the meaning, not the nuances. The more specialized the language, the more bizarre the outcome. Contractions can cause problems, too, both in this French example and in English-to-other-language translations.

The French reply given in a previous post translates by the Babelfish website as:

To lay out d' a printed page d' a given format, one leaves in printing works d' a paper increasingly larger of several millimetres and one crosses then. These zones of overflow external to the useful zone are called lost bottom: one defines their size during the creation of the document, in l' ad hoc mitre. With l' screen, the useful zone is then delimited by the lines locates red. Indeed, the imprimereries are not perfect: papers slip into the piles, the adjustments of the machines can evolve/move subtly between the first page which leaves and the ten thousandths, and that results in subtle shifts of l' impression or of the cut. The role of the lost bottom is d' to anticipate these shifts, while making overflow funds and the images which go jusqu' at the edge of the document, so as to avoid a white line in the event of shift. C' is for that if the bottom n' is not white at the useful edge of the page, it is necessary to make exceed the color. And this
 that it is a bottom, or an image of foreground. ' crop marks' are located apart from the useful zone, and indicate the 4 lines according to which it is necessary to cross. C' is during the manufacture of the pdf qu' one specifies them in the options.

Unfortunately, the translation is less than satisfactory; I doubt that it truly expresses the thoughts of the poster. Sharing Scribus information is difficult enough, conveying information over various platforms to people with all levels of computer and programming experience. I wish I had a solution to offer.

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If I could be granted one "gift" it would be an ability to speak and
understand everyone in their native language...


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