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John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Dec 29 04:00:25 CET 2010

On Wed, 29 Dec 2010 02:28:02 +0100
JLuc <jluc at no-log.org> dijo:

>Le 29/12/2010 00:58, James Elliott a écrit :
>> Bounjour JLuc
>> I believe that all French-Canadians speak English as well as French,
>> but not all Canadians speak French well, and we Australians
>> certainly do not (although some of us older Aussies might have a
>> tiny bit of schoolboy French tucked away in our aging memories -
>> certainly not enough to understand a technical reply). If you are
>> bi-lingual, why not reply in English so that all Forum members can
>> read your reply and benefit from it?
>it has been stated many time that this list is multilingual, and i
>guess many of us are french speaking, so it was a pleasure to share
>some experience in my native language.
>Beside some french native speakers can not speak english.

It is a joy to me that this list is multilingual and tolerant of all
languages. It would be a better world if everyplace was the same.

I can read most Germanic and Romance languages (although I need
a dictionary at hand if I have to be sure I understand 100%), but I am
really fluent only in Spanish and English. If I ever post something
here in Spanish I also include an English version, just because it
increases the number of list members who can understand it. But then I
worry that I'm slighting the Spanish speakers by not including a
Spanish translation when I post something in English. Oh well. Maybe I
need to worry less about insulting other people's pride and more about
being practical.

Still, it does embarrass me when an English speaker tries to force
English on others. The only thing special about English is that its
speakers have a lot of financial and political power these days. As a
language it sucks. No one can pronounce the English r, not even all
native speakers. Its spelling is a joke that not even the French
can fathom. And the insanity of what passes for its grammar is

OK, I guess I've insulted most everyone now. Time to shut up.

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