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Vladimir Savic vladimir.firefly.savic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 20:12:35 CET 2010

On Mon, 2010-12-27 at 06:43 -0800, Meho R. wrote:
> > while it's certainly better when most messages are in english, nowadays there 
> >are translation tools on the web which let you guess most of content you can't 
> >read 
> >
> > (i could figure out what vlada wrote to renato... a good answer but nothing 
> >that was really worth to be translated to be understandable by every everyone 
> >who can't read serbian...).
> > 
> > finally: most of us are proud that this list (and the whole community) can work 
> >so well even without enforcing english as the only language and -- personally -- 
> >
> > i really don't see any reason to change that policy!
> > 
> > buon pomeriggio
> > a.l.e
> I stand corrected. 
> Thanks, a.l.e. :)

Thank you Alessandro. I can see why people feel this attitude to be a
little odd. It's not that common on user/devel list, but I know it is
here. ;)

Mozda bismo mogli da pridodamo srpski/hrvatski/bosnjacki (kako god ga
zvali) bar osnovnim funkcijama scribus-a?! Ako si zainteresovan, cini mi
se da su ocigledni kandidati bas ova skripta za automatizaciju
pravljenja kalendara i odrednice za Short Words. Razmisljam na glas;
imas li interesa za tim?


> Regards,
> M.
> usoPreviewPopup

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