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a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Dec 27 13:15:12 CET 2010

hi meho,
> Hmmm, nije u pitanju "internacionalnost" jezika nego hoće li iko 
> razumjeti šta
> pitate (na stranu to što nije baš pristojno na javnoj listi koristiti jezik koji
> drugi ne razumiju). Vidite da, npr., i Nijemci i Francuzi postavljaju pitanja i
> komentare na engleskom i to nije bez razloga.
> Hmmm, it is not about "internationality" of a language but if anyone would
> understand your question (and it is not very polite to use, on a public mailing
> list, a language which others do not understand). You can see that, e.g., German
> and French people here ask questions and comment on posts using English language
> and that is not for no reason.
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you may ask and answer in any language in this mailing list.

if nobody reacts to your mails, well you may have choose the wrong language.

you can read more about it here:


while it's certainly better when most messages are in english, nowadays 
there are translation tools on the web which let you guess most of 
content you can't read (i could figure out what vlada wrote to renato... 
a good answer but nothing that was really worth to be translated to be 
understandable by every everyone who can't read serbian...).

finally: most of us are proud that this list (and the whole community) 
can work so well even without enforcing english as the only language and 
-- personally -- i really don't see any reason to change that policy!

buon pomeriggio

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