[scribus] Wrapping text on a Mac

Laura Finger lauraf19 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 26 16:20:55 CET 2010

Hello, I've previously used Scribus on a PC, and now on a Mac, I cannot find out how to wrap text around an image on a Mac.  The tutorials I've watched online are set on a PC, and instruct you to go to the Properties palette.  The tutorial from Scribus does not address this issue.

When I choose Properties from the main menu, the page greys out and there is no dialogue box that displays the X/Y position, and offers a check box to wrap/ not wrap text option as in the PC version.  Mange Page Properties does not apply to an individual image, and does not allow me to select wrapping text.

Given that this is such a common feature, I was surprised to find nothing listed in the Help section under "wrapping text" or any variation that I tried.  And any hits I found online did not address a way to do this on a Mac.  

Would someone please show me how to do the wrap text around an image on a Mac?  I know that this has to be ridiculously simple to do, but I've played around with every option within the program and online that I could think of and I'm out of options.

Thank you in advance.


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