[scribus] Scribus Wiki: Scribus Success Stories for 2010? - YEEESS!

Christoph Bloch christoph at webrahmen.ch
Tue Dec 21 18:26:53 CET 2010

> Hi list,
> I would like to ask those of you who have successfully utilized
> Scribus in your DTP projects this year to  add a few words about
> hers/his experience with Scribus to the "Success Stories" in our Scribus
> Wiki:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Success_stories
> If you don't feel like learning the wiki stuff, just send your success
> story to this list, and I or somebody else will do the rest.
> Such true to life reports are the easiest way to encourage other users
> to use Scribus,to show how useful this piece of software is, and to pay
> some respect to Scribus folks for their good work.

Pro Velo Bern, a bicycle advocacy NGO from Bern, Switzerland, 
successfully published 15 bike tours in 2010. They give you ideas for 
nice bike rides in the region of Bern and come as pdf files in A3 
format. They are still readable if printed on A4; alternative files 
split into two A4 pages each are also available. Paper copies were 
produced as giveaways on one of those multi-machines that look like 
old-fashioned copiers but can read pdf files from a usb stick. Of course 
the files were created with Scribus! (with a little help from the Gimp, 
OpenOffice.org and Perl)
All the work was done by motivated yet totally inexperienced amateurs. 
We ran into quite a lot of trouble*, but whenever we asked the list, 
people were very helpful. We learned a lot. So thank you all!

http://www.provelobern.ch > Publikationen > Touren (unfortunately only 2 
out of 15 sheets are public due to copyright restraints. Ask me 
privately for the password if you're interested in the rest of them)

*) Xerox wouldn't print Scribus' PDF - handcrafted svg paths import in 
nano-size - characters scrambled when printing - style copies 
proliferating - dotted lines only possible in unstable version - line 
styles don't allow dotted lines - sla files not readable on some 
computers despite of identical Scribus versions - etc etc etc. But we 
succeeded after all!!!

Feel free to include a preview screenshot of one of the tours in the wiki.

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