[scribus] Pantone for Scribus

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 16:11:12 CET 2010

On 12/21/2010 09:38 AM, Olivier BERTEN wrote:
> Hi!
> Here is my first try at scripting Scribus:
> http://www.selapa.net/scribus/Pantone.py
> If you run it as standalone (or within Scribus<  1.5 but it doesn't
> really make sense), it let's you save Pantone's palettes in your
> "swatches/locked" folder.
>> From within Scribus 1.5, it features importing individual colors to the
> current document. It's limited to version 1.5 because earlier version
> don't allow to define RGB colors, which is how color data are available
> (with Lab, of course) for most of Pantone's palettes.
> By the way, adding individual colors from libraries is a feature that
> should be added to Scribus since you usually need process colors and a
> few spot colors. You don't need to import the whole thousands of colors
> in your document. And if you want to load a library, you loose all your
> colors...
> Comments and suggestions welcome...

haven't tried it, but on the surface it looks worth a try. It remains to 
be seen whether Pantone may object to this (if they manage to hear about 
it). At least you're not including their data inside the script.


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