[scribus] downloading stable version of Scribus for Mac

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Mon Dec 20 00:42:13 CET 2010

** Alison Saylor <alison.saylor at gmail.com> [2010-12-19 01:15]:
> Well I do appreciate it in any case.  Have you had any luck
> downloading prior versions of Scribus from the link you sent me?  I
> get taken to Sourceforge where they display the other versions but
> none of them is a live link.
** end quote [Alison Saylor]

I've managed to download the 1.3.8 version, since that is linked at the top of
the page. Other versions seem to take you to an empty directory, which isn't
that helpful.

I've only recently started using OS X on my own machine (as opposed to fixing
other peoples Macs in a network environment) being primarily a Linux user (and
Windows when I have to - another case of fixing it for other people!). I quite
like it, particularly pleased to find ssh sitting there installed and ready to
use, but they do seem to expect you to keep up with the latest version - even
more so than Microsoft do. I keep coming across bug fixes that involve
upgrading to 10.5 or newer :( 10.4 is only just over 5 years old and seems to
be loosing application support, whereas XP is approaching 10 and is only now
beginning to have this problem. Ah well, I'll likely stick with Linux as my
main desktop anyway.

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