[scribus] Organizing the workspace display OR possible intuitive, self help while not annoying those who know more

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Dec 18 18:30:47 CET 2010

hi k.

> <<
> why should anybody switch to scribus, if it behaves just like all the 
> other programs do?
> >>
> If it behaves in a fairly common, consistent, widely expected sort of 
> way then it will be easy for all users, whether new, adhoc and 
> infrequent or masters. None of that should stop scribus from doing any 
> of the hugely impressive and productive things things it does now.

in my experience even small differences are a good reason not to switch.

always in my experience, it's easier to get people to switch if you can 
show some special features they are -- or will be starting from now -- 

as i already wrote, it's not my goal to be incompatible with other 
packages. but i also believe that it's by showing our own character that 
we will attract (good) new users, not by leveraging our ideas to meet 
their (bad) current habits.

and i hope that our character is not to deliver a bug ridden product 
(yes, this is what currently the people first notice when using scribus; 
yes, yes, people can go over the bugs if they see innovative things, too!).


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