[scribus] Ctrl X twice kills Scribus

Margaret and George McIntosh tenbear at myfairpoint.net
Fri Dec 17 22:29:59 CET 2010

On 17 Dec 2010 at 15:10, Tom Connolly wrote:

> While I am in the edit text mode, if I use Ctrl X to delete some
> copy, then 
> do it again to delete more copy, the program shuts down immediately
> without 
> a prompt to save and without saving what's being edited. This
> happened to me 
> twice before I knew what hit me. I am able to reproduce this.
> Windows Vista, plenty ram. 1.3.9.
> Tom Connolly 

Tom, I made a new text frame, typed in some text, then used Ctrl X several times to 
delete text  and it worked correctly. I then made 2 frames and used Ctrl X to delete 
each. Worked correctly again.
Win 7  x64.


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