[scribus] Organizing the workspace display OR possible intuitive self help while not annoying those who know more

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Dec 17 17:49:27 CET 2010


>> just one last thought from my side: why should anybody switch to
>> scribus, if it behaves just like all the other programs do?
> The UI behaviour and the things you can do with it are totally different.
> Both MS Word and MS Excel behave the same way with regards to menus,
> tooltips, help functions etc, so, why would anyone use Excel instead
> of Word?

ah, one one last thing and then i'll stop...

- in this case the different UI-solution would have been a difference. 
i've never meant to say that the differences should only be in the UI. 
or that it's particularly important to have differences in the UI just 
for the sake of being different.

- i was talking about people comparing scribus to programs with a 
similar goal. i guess that i don't have to explain yout that for most 
uses, a word processor and a spreadsheet have different goals.

as i wrote, if you're interested in discussing the issue in a serious 
way, i'm there. if you just want to dissect my sentences and try to take 
them to absurd conclusions, well, i'm leaving.


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