[scribus] Frame around object is visible on PDF

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Wed Dec 15 23:18:38 CET 2010

a. l. e. wrote:

hi tom,

> When I export a drawing to a PDF file, the frame around an 
> irregularly-shaped image on it is visible. However, the frame is not 
> visible on a print preview. What must be done to keep the frame from 
> being visible?

i guess you're talking about the thin gray line around the frame.

if yes, this is just a visual help in scribus.

if you want to set border for the frames, you should open the windows >
properties palette, go to the colors "tab" and set a color for the border
(eventually, you will have to set a sensible border width in the line tab of
the properties palette).

finally, going through the tutorial in the scribus wiki
(http://wiki.scribus.net) may help understand how scribus works.


I did a poor job of describing my problem. Here is a second try:

My Scribus document includes several images, two of which are
irregularly-shaped and have text wrapped around them. One of these irregular
images displays correctly when exported to a PDF (Both display correctly in
Print Preview), but much of the frame for the other one displays (I don't
want either frame to display) in the when exported to a PDF. Both display
correctly when printed to a PDF using Adobe Distiller. However, the Bookland
barcode causes a missing font error for OCRB. After installing an OCRB font,
Distiller returns the following error: Error: undefined; OffendingCommand:
gr. Without the Bookland barcode, Distiller produces a good PDF.


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