[scribus] large space between pages in 1.3.9

Dave Hackenyos hackenyos at me.com
Wed Dec 15 17:17:44 CET 2010

	First, thanks for the best open source app I have ever worked with.

	I've been working with 1.3.8 on MacOSx for some time now and recently upgraded to 1.3.9. Old projects are fine when opened but any new projects I create in 1.3.9 have a considerable space between pages. It seems to be the amount of space a page would occupy. I have to scroll a great deal to get from one to another. Clicking the page button at the bottom jumps to the correct page, I just can't scroll without covering a lot of distance. The PDF produced is unaffected and looks normal. Is there a setting that I am unaware of in creating a new document? Any thoughts?

	Thanks again for this app.


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