[scribus] scribus crashes when I try to create a new document

Margaret and George McIntosh tenbear at myfairpoint.net
Sun Dec 12 23:15:56 CET 2010

On 12 Dec 2010 at 20:16, a.l.e wrote:

> hi cécile,
> > > >     > I can't do anything, the program closes each time
> after!
> > > >     > If anyone has the answer, I would be very gratefull!
> > > >     > It's so frustrating!
> renaming your scribus properties may really help here!
> scribus won't find them anymore and recreate them...
> no idea where they are on windows, though (probably in some place
> like "Document and Settings").
> can any windows user give cécile that location?
> ciao
> a.l.e

There is a file called prefs13.xml that contains  a lot of the Preferences info (I'm not a 
programmer so I don't know what the right name is ). Go to c:\users>your 
name>.scribus. That's in Win 7 x64.
Here is a part of the file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<level name="application">
		<context name="AlignDistributePalette">
			<attribute key="height" value="282"/>
			<attribute key="left" value="549"/>
			<attribute key="top" value="262"/>
			<attribute key="visible" value="0"/>
			<attribute key="width" value="222"/>
		<context name="Books">
			<attribute key="height" value="321"/>
			<attribute key="left" value="179"/>
			<attribute key="top" value="239"/>
			<attribute key="visible" value="0"/>
			<attribute key="width" value="455"/>

Good luck,

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