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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
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2010/12/11 Peter Nermander <peter at nermander.se>

> > But I would also like to display some photos on a double page. Is there a
> > way to do this easily?
> If you have used "double page" layout in Scribus, just put the frame
> so it covers both pages.
> At least that worked perfectly for me with 1.3.5, even with bleeds
> involved and on a "false spread". (I did it with a simple fill clipart
> in case it would turn out bad, but it didn't.)
> /Peter
I think you might be right, and I was wrong about the inner margins: from
what I can see on the first book I've made for test, all the margins I have
defined (up/bottom/inside/outside) are definitely "here"; though the printer
doesn't guarantee everything you put in the margins will actually be there.


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