[scribus] Odp: Help - need a tutorial for "dummies" - ie:newbies

Grzegorz Staniak gstaniak at wp.pl
Sat Dec 11 01:35:37 CET 2010

Dnia 11-12-2010 o godz. 0:59 randy.pare at rogers.com napisał(a):

> One of the main problems I am finding is that Scribus keeps saying I
> can't do anything with an image because I don't have Gimp. Is Gimp
> necessary to run Scribus? 
> To alter size of an image, since there don't seem to be the easy "grab"
> points MS Word has, I tried going thru menus until I found "edit image"
> - that is what led to the error message about Gimp.

Oh, you don't need it as long as you don't want to actually retouch the 
image, and even then a set of simple functions is available from within 
Scribus. Just select the frame you've put the image in, press F2 for the 
Properties Palette. Yoou can choose the "X, Y, Z" to scale, position, or 
rotate the image frame itself (you can even edit its shape), and then 
choose the "Image" tab to scale and position the image within the frame. 
I'm afraid "easy grabbing" is restricted to the image frame as such, but 
you also have "fit image to frame" and "fit frame to image" under the 
right mouse button, and you can use those as starting points for further 
refinements using the "Image" tab of the PP.

Have a look at what you get when you press F1 and then choose 
"Documentation", "Scribus Basics", "Working with Images".

Grzegorz Staniak, gstaniak _at_ wp *dot* pl

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