[scribus] Is Scribus the 'best fit' application for our project?

LNN lnn at online.de
Fri Dec 10 10:30:55 CET 2010

We are writing some books about our home town. The project will be ongoing
for more than 5 years with multiple releases. All team members will use MS
Word to create input. One person will mange DTP jobs and create layout as
well as input. First step will be a printed version, maybe 200 copies. Later
on we like to release into the www.

We think 6 books will cover separate subjects, each books will be based on
30 individual text files, each book will have 300 colored photos,  500 pages
for each book are estimated.

Table of content, index etc. should handled central for all books, includes
page numbering as well.

Multiple layers are requested:

Layer A - final text for print and www

Layer B - final photos for print and www

Layer C - text in work

Layer D - photos in work

Layer E - remarks and notices from team members, status information as well

We looked into the Scribus manual, but we are still not sure if this
application will be 'best fit' for the job. None of us has used scribes
before, all of us have an IT background.

Scribus functionality, upcoming releases over 5 years, size of the book(s)
can be seen as critical.

Maybe someone did a project like this and can give us some feedback.

Any advice will be welcome, thanks.

Heinrich from Germany





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