[scribus] Odp: Scribus 10th anniversary and Scribus Beginner's Guide

Grzegorz Staniak gstaniak at wp.pl
Wed Dec 8 23:25:02 CET 2010

On 8-12-2010 at 2:23 Christoph Schäfer wrote:

> How time flies ... Yesterday evening Franz mentioned in passing that he 
started writing Scribus exactly ten years ago

Congratulations to him, to you, and to all people involved in writing, 
documenting, testing and propagating Scribus. You're doing a terrific 
job in filling a gap in an important area of the open/libre software 

> In the meantime I have a smaller birthday present for the subscribers of 
this list. The British publisher Packt Publishing has just released an 
English version of Cedric Gemy's Scribus Beginner's Guide 
(https://www.packtpub.com/scribus-1-3-5-beginners-guide/book), which  
covers Scribus 1.3.5 and hence 1.3.6--1.4+ as well. The book is 
available in  print and as an eBook.

I've got the ebook version. I do hope you guys get a profit from the 
sales somehow. I'd like to think I'm helping you to write Scribus when I 
buy stuff like this. Scribus is important to me, and I'd love to help it 
become better in other ways than filing a bug report every now and then. 
Have you thought of starting a foundation, or any other kind of 
organization around the software? Something I could donate a few bucks 
to? A PayPal/Flattr/whatever button on the page? I would sleep better if 
I knew I could add a tiny little brick to a safe future of the software.

Grzegorz Staniak, gstaniak _at_ wp *dot* pl

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