[scribus] Some questions before beginning with Scribus...

S C ribus id746-scribus at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 09:52:32 CET 2010

> > I want to automate the maximum of tasks, and
> particularly,
> > the import and layout of the extracted programs.
> > And could you give me some good examples and a list of
> Python scripts
> > and/or C++ packages that would be useful for my job ?
  There aren't any built-in hooks for
> databases 
> directly from Scribus.
> Greg

this is in fact one of the areas where commercial packages are largely superior to Scribus - but then I've seen InDesign database interfaces for no less than a few thousand dollars, so no comparison is possible.

The development time is massive for features like this, I was wondering if a csv - based interface (all text would need to be stored in a csv file, and all images entered as URL) or php scripting with possibly even a MySQL (+ Apache virtual server) database installed locally/remotely might ever be used? 
Could it be possible to actually design such an interface as a web based application (even if it's on scribus.net) which would produce a sla file which then could be integrated into the opened sla file?
Probably talking out of my a**e but maybe there is an inspiring idea there. 

I tried to approach Python but just don't have the technical base to understand, unfortunately, I know some Python developers but they had no interest in giving their time to Scribus.

I liked the cattle mag that was featured here a few months ago - but it was beyond my technical means to study it and try to understand how it was done.



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