[scribus] Some questions before beginning with Scribus...

fran.renard at free.fr fran.renard at free.fr
Mon Dec 6 15:42:34 CET 2010


I'm about to use Scribus to publish a bimonthly magazine.
In this magazine, they are some articles and some informations.
Among these informations they are some programs that are extracted
from a database and should be inserted into the magazine,
with a nice page layout.

I want to automate the maximum of tasks, and particularly,
the import and layout of the extracted programs.

Could you tell me if Scribus is adapted for this job,
and which skills it will need.

I suppose that I'll need some Python scripting, 
and perhaps also some C++ coding (in order to import text) ?

And could you give me some good examples and a list of Python scripts
and/or C++ packages that would be useful for my job ?

And last, is it best to use the scribus version,
or the last 1.3.9 one ?

I'm working on Ubuntu 10.10 (64 bits) and on Redhat 5.3 (64 bits).

Thank you in advance.

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