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William F. Maddock billsey at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 5 23:46:26 CET 2010

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>I also think its better practice to reply under the par I'm responding
>to, rather than at the very end of a message. Snipping irrelevant
>content helps readability. If you write a tend par message and only par
>four is of interest to me, I tend to snip the other pars. Trouble is,
>when you do that, sometimes people will complain of being quoted out of

I don't usually run into it on this list, and frankly, I find the topic to be whiny and tiresome, but one thing I run into on various lists (and sites) is people who will snip things out that are NOT irrelevant, but are only things that they don't want other people to see; in other words, they use snipping to censor the ideas of others. Many people who top post, I find, are simply people who are using a client that defaults to that method (such as Earthlink's webmail site, in this case), and who think that they are too important and shouldn't have to bother with making sure that they post in the neighborhood of the paragraph they are responding to. In other words, an awful lot of the problem has to do with ego rather than style, and an awful lot of other lists (and sites) could learn a lot from this list.

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