[scribus] Scribus and DTP classes

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 04:58:32 CET 2010

On 12/04/2010 10:26 PM, Tom Connolly wrote:
> I like Jason's idea. I can't contribute to programming, but I might be
> able to help with this project. I would look at is as payback for all
> the good work done by others to develop Scribus. I owned a print shop
> and, though I hired graphic artists who were the experts, I learned a
> good bit from them. And I know how to communicate things like dpi,
> pagination and other production aspects.

I think the idea is interesting, but certainly needs some additional 
thought about how it might work. Ideally, it would need to work so that 
each "student" might follow the course in his own time frame, so in that 
sense it might be like programmed learning texts that appeared some 
years ago.

I can imagine there could be merit in having this course in the form of 
modules, where one module might involve fonts, another color management, 
and while there might be some suggestions of a recommended order in 
which to follow, one might also skip around a bit, as various aspects of 
DTP came to ones consciousness or became necessary to know in more 
depth. One could also have different sets of recommendations depending 
on a person's interest, since someone whose main interest might be 
creating a newsletter in black and white would need a different set of 
knowledge than someone who wants to print a full-color catalog.


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