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>J.J.Jordan replied:
>>>How can I get headlines automaticly. I should like a tool where I
>>> can
>>>make a headline that automatic will change all the headlines.
>>>I make a monthly magazine and in the headlines we put the name of
>>> the
>>>month.Perhaps you can help me.
>>>I hope the English Iused is clear enough.
>>>Thank You.
>> It sounds as if you need to find out about styles. You can create a
>> text style that sets the specific font, point size, and many, many
>> more
>> attributes. Then you just click on each headline and apply the
>> style.
>> Thus, each headline will have the same appearance. If you want to
>> change the appearance of all the headlines, just edit the style and
>> all
>> the headlines will automatically be reformatted.
>I didn't understand his problem that way. It seems he wants
>something that will automatically change the MONTH in the headline
>for each new issue. A paragraph style won't do this, it will just
>apply the style to each headline and if you make a change to the
>style, it will automatically be applied to every paragraph using
>that style.
>I'm a total dummy when it comes to scripting, but my guess is that a
>script could be written that would automate these changes.
>You're completely right about the usefulness of paragraph styles.
>People new to DTP absolutely *must* learn to use styles and not just
>ad hoc paragraph formatting.
>--Judy M.
>   USA

a.l.e. had it right: the man is talking about "headers" (like in headers/footers). He wants to have something like a master page where you can place objects that will appear on every page that does not have the master page objects hidden. Once I get back home, if I remember, I can do a PDF tutorial of what I'm talking about (it's kind of like a skeleton that you hang the elements of the real pages on; like if you want to have a header, a footer, and a vertical bar down the center of every standard page, then you just do it the one time on the master page; after that, every page that shows master page elements will have those elements already in place).

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