[scribus] Weekly digest?

John O'Sullivan johnosullivan413 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 2 00:37:54 CET 2010

I find this very useful as I do not usually have the time to stay current with 
each thread and each email, especially.  Is this something that you scripted - 
or could, or would it be done manually each time?  I wasn't clear.

Of course, keeping a separate email folder isn't a challenge either, I 

Useful experiment regardless.


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voilà, my second (and last) weekly digest.

this time only in the linked html version.


there was no really interest for the first issue, there won't be
probably any for this one, either.

though, it was an interesting experiment for me, worth being tried, but
i don't think there is a point in going on with it.

just one remark: it's not much overhead to collect the mails in the
wiki, if one reads all the mails from the mailing list!

have fun

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