[scribus] Wrapping text around picture behind text

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 31 14:34:44 CEST 2010

On 08/31/2010 04:34 AM, David Christian Berg wrote:
> To clarify the problem again:
> Imagine you have a photo of a steeple of a church that covers the whole page (imagine you are writing an article about church architecture and on on the first page of that article you want to have a nice photo). Now the sky on that photo is very light so you can put text on it. The steeple how ever is dark and text wouldn't be visible on it. So you want the text to flow around the steeple, but be on top of the sky. As sky and steeple are the same picture, the text obviously has to be in the level above the picture, because otherwise it is hidden behind the sky. The only way to make the text flow seem like it flows around the steeple is by flowing it around another, invisible object.

Here is something you could find useful with this:

Start with your image underneath the text, either on a lower level or on 
a lower layer. Go to Shape > Edit, then edit the Contour Line to at 
least roughly fitting the area you wish to protect from overlying text 
-- don't try to be too exact since in many cases you need to adjust the 
shape later for aesthetics anyway.

Now copy your image frame. Create a new layer _above_ the text frame. 
Paste your image frame to that layer -- it will have the same 
coordinates as the original. Now go to Shape tab and enable Text Flow 
around the Contour line. The text will adjust, but since the image is 
still there on this top layer it will block the text underneath it.

Finally, right-click on this top-layer image frame, then choose Contents 
 > Clear. This wipes out the image, but retains the edited Contour Line, 
and also the Text Flow around the Contour Line. If you need to, you can 
edit this Contour Line further to adjust.

The main thing this does is to give you a slight shortcut for making 
this superimposed empty frame.


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