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>>>> There is *very* little need for layers in DTP apps. Quite the opposite, it’s
>>>> more a disturbant habit than anything else.

Let me chime in as well! That need totally exists! I have worked on several magazine layouts in high school at university. And having master elements like page numbers on top of page elements really simplifies the process because you don't have to copy paste the master elements on each page, where you have let's say a big image with a lot of blue sky that would cover the page number.
Furthermore in InDesign it is helpful that by just one click you can copy an element from the master page to the current page, automatically hiding it in the Master on that specific page. That's very handy when you have let's say not a blue sky (where black would be visible) but a picture of a cave in the background of the page number, where you need it to be light. You can just get it to the current page and change the colour only for that one page.



> I have to disagree.  Back in college, I worked at a print house helping with pre-press preparation.  (I later went on to become a scientist/engineer.)  The printer I worked at specialized in the creation of fine arts promotional materials, brochures and catalogs.
> Because of the highly visual nature of the material, some layouts were extremely complex.  In many instances, layers weren't just useful, but essential.  (Especially if multiple people were working on the project.) They allowed you to group elements, lock them to the canvas and hide them from view.  I didn't use them quite the same way I use Scribus layers, but they were still a very important tool.
> So, as the other poster said, it really depends on what you're creating.  For more complicated layouts, they can mean the difference between productivity and premature baldness.
> Cheers,
> Rob

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