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Sun Aug 29 22:13:00 CEST 2010

Submitted on 08/29/2010
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   Name: Alex
   Email Address: arsov at arsov.net
   Subject: small caps and Hyphenation

at the moment I'm finishing a book in Scribus and having problem with two  
things. The first one is regarding drop caps. If I use this option in choosen  
style I can't find the way to make this later bigger. If I use drop caps  
through two lines and I wish that the first later will be higher ( like when  
you decrease value on a small caps scaling in a Typography section under the  
preferences menu, getting the first later higher )

My second question is if there is any option or command to disable  
hyphenation in a last row of linked text. I use hyphenation, but when I have  
ten pages linked it hyphenate the word from one page to another what is a  
totally no go. If there is no such command it will be nice to have it in a  
next upgrade.

thanks in advance for your answers ( and also thanks for all the answers you  
gave me last time  :-) )

Alex from Slovenia

Windows Xp -Scribus 1.3.8

   About your Scribus program:
     Version: 1.3.7svn
     Prebuilt/Compiled: Prebuilt
     Build Date:
   Your operating system and CPU:
     Type: Windows
     Version: WinXP
     CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)

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