[scribus] I install Scribus in Ubuntu; it's insensitive to the keyboard.

Erik Nelson eriknelson2002 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 29 20:58:54 CEST 2010

I have an Ubuntu system and I tried installing Scribus from their software 
package repository (the one that is there by default when you install, with an 
icon that looks like a grocery bag. They have a quick 1-click auto install) It 
booted up, I was able to make a text box, I was able to use the insertion tool 
to place the cursor into the text box, and then I try to type and nothing 
happens. Anyone have any clues what's going on here? Should I try installing 
from some other source that's known to work better? I was able to install 
Scribus on the Windows partition of the same machine without difficulty.


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