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Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Thu Aug 26 23:31:06 CEST 2010

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On 8/26/10 11:17 PM, Rob Oakes wrote:
>  Dear Scribus Users,
> A couple of days ago, I spent some time working on a solution to a
> Scribus annoyance that has been bugging me for some time: the
> inability to organize top-level windows.  After I got everything
> working well (or at least acceptably), one of the people in the
> Scribus IRC recommended that I share the solution on the mailing
> list.  I thought that was a good idea, which is why I am writing now.
> Using the awesome power of the Scripter plugin (and a very good
> example written by one of the develoeprs), I created a series of
> scripts to mimic the "Workspaces" feature of the Adobe Creative
> Suite.  In case you've never used the Creative Suite apps before,
> Adobe has included the ability to save save your window layout as a
> "Workspace."  This means that you can configure certain toolbars and
> palettes and then load them whenever you are working on a particular
> type of content.  It can be a wonderful time saver.
> Using a series of python scripts, I've tried to get Scribus to
> behave similarly.  The first python script I wrote (actually, stole
> would be more accurate) converts several top level windows to PyQt
> dock widgets.  You can then organize these how you would like to
> your Scribus window.  Once you have finished organizing the widgets,
> you can then save the layout (workspace) by using a second script.
> After a workspace has been saved, you can then load it again,
> through the use of the third script.  If you, like me, keep a lot of
> different windows open at the same time, this system might help you
> to be slightly more organized.
> A detailed writeup about the scripts, including links for downloads
> and configuration structures can be found at:
> http://blog.oak-tree.us/index.php/2010/08/25/scribus-dockwidgets
> If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.  I'd like
> to make them as useful as possible.
> In closing, I'd just like to say thanks to the developers for
> creating a fantastic program.  I've used Scribus for years to create
> scientific posters, and I absolutely love it.  While it might not be
> perfect, for my needs, it's pretty damn close.
> Though if you were to make use of dock widgets and workspaces in the
> next release, I would hardly complain ;)

Rob.. very nice

Its not much code.. we'd like to see a C++ version and maybe just
convert the 1.5.0 GUI to do this by default.. are you prepared to help
us out?

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