[scribus] transparency in pdf export does not work

Susanna Knotz help at scribus.info
Mon Aug 23 13:38:01 CEST 2010

Submitted on 08/23/2010
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   Name: Susanna Knotz
   Email Address: sknotznews at online.de
   Subject: transparency in pdf export does not work
I just downloaded 1.3.8 German version, 21. Juli 2010, Built-ID:  
C-C-T-F-Q-Mac/Aqua on with Mac OS X 10.6.4, 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.
I cannot export transparency into neither of the pdf-versions. I have  
transparencies in the alpha-channels of some photos and with some frames and  
color patches. Probably I have to change some basic properties? So far I have  
looked in forums but found no solution that helped me.

I am rather inexperienced with Scribus, did the tutorial work, fooled around  
a bit and now wanted to do serious work, some posters for an NGO exhibition.  
So, I am a bit under pressure to finally find a solution.

Further notice:
Before this, I had some problems with window display in version 1.3.5 (why I  
tried the newest built). However, the problems were still there with the  
1.3.8 version. They had occured years ago according to bug-tracker and forum,  
threrefore I finally found a solution. The property windows and some other  
tool windows did not show up anymore. I changed the according values (removed  
the "-" in front of some parameters of this type <attribute key="left"  
value="-300"/>) in the pref135.xml and everything worked afterwards. Earlier  
the main document window had disappeared (a change of parameters YPOS and  
XPOS in scribus135.rc set that, they were off screen). So, these bugs are  
still there or can at least come up on a Mac OS X system after a while.

I never managed to install the stable version 1.3.14.

Thanks, Susanna

   About your Scribus program:
     Version: 1.5.Xsvn
     Prebuilt/Compiled: Prebuilt
     Build Date:
   Your operating system and CPU:
     Type: MacOS X
     Version: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4
     CPU type: Other/Don't know

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