[scribus] Opening MS Publisher files

Philip Ward skeggy78 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 22:19:39 CEST 2010

  hey list, not sure if this has been mentioned?

How about downloading a trial version of windows, trial version of 
office, and puting it inside a virtual system?

that way it doesnt cost you anything to do the conversion? just your 
time to originally download the items needed? that are availble (or were 
last time i checked) from microsoft site.

from what i remember, you can even download a virtual pc from microsoft, 
not sure if the format is compatible with openbox? as ive used my old 
copy of vista, to test how effective it is etc.


On 10/08/10 21:05, jwminer at accessvt.com wrote:
> On the topic of how to get Publisher files into Scribus, I think
> Trevor has to tell his friends who send him their Publisher files
> that he can't open those files, does not have a program that opens
> Publisher files, and will not spend hundreds for a computer and OS
> that could handle those files.
> When I was putting out newsletters, I made it clear that only TXT
> and DOC submissions would be considered. Just about everyone on
> every platform can create TXT and DOC files. You don't need
> Microsoft Word in order to produce a DOC file. So if someone wants
> to submit a file for publication, they simply MUST learn how to get
> a file into an acceptable format. As the saying goes, it's not
> rocket science, generally File menu, Save as and find the format in
> the list, or File menu, Export and find the format in the list.
> It's pretty standard practice to specify that only certain file
> formats are acceptable. The burden is on the producer of the files,
> not the one receiving them and certainly not on the developers of
> Scribus or any other DTP program to accommodate them.
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