[scribus] Import text into text frames

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Aug 16 12:23:53 CEST 2010

> Now, I want to start a new document and found that I can import text from odt documents. However, the text is imported as new text (like cut-and-paste) and not as link (in contrast to images). Is it possible to add text also as link from some files, so I can change the text outside of Scribus? It would simplify my work a lot, since I have to prepare my document in two languages...

Another way to handle multiple languages is to use different layers.
You can use one layer for each language. When you print from Scribus
or export to a PDF you have the option to set each layer as
"printable" or "non-printable" (and you can also turn on/off
visibility for each layer).

This means your Scribus document will contain all languages, but each
in it's own layer.

(But of course this means you will need to duplicate all text frames.)


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