[scribus] a proposal for wiki script documentation

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 18:02:43 CEST 2010

A suggestion I would like to make is something I'm at least 
experimenting with in new script articles. I've added a small preface to 
the article which would give a brief overview of the Scribus tasks that 
the script includes, since in many cases I find that I am looking for 
further information on syntax and associated information which is needed 
to do something useful.

For example, to add a text frame with content, you need to create the 
frame, put text into it, choose the font, its size, color and perhaps 
other features, which ends up being a block of commands. I also look for 
ways to see Python in practice for more efficient and reusable code.

Examples of this are at:




Beyond this, I eventually want to edit the Beginner's Scripts page to 
provide an indicator of the commands that are used in a particular script.

For example (probably will require a table environment):

Generating a Code39 Barcode     haveDoc, valueDialog, messageBox, 
createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor, setText, setFont, 
setFontSize, setTextAlignment

I think that whenever you can see the particular collection of commands 
in action in a script it will be much more efficient than the online 

An additional feature of this is that both of these types of 
documentation can be done by anyone editing the wiki, so perhaps we can 
as a group bring up the utility of this section of the wiki.


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