[scribus] Bravo!

David Burleigh david.burleigh at gmx.com
Thu Aug 5 23:12:43 CEST 2010

 Just wanted to take the opportunity to appreciate the development team.
I started playing around with Scribus about a year ago, and have been
using it seriously for the past six months or so to lay out several
issues of a magazine and a rather substantial book, with excellent
results. To be sure, there have been a few crashes (as I tend to work
with the "bleeding edge" svn releases), but all-in-all I've found it
remarkably stable. I'm mainly using 1.3.8 now, under Ubuntu 10.04.

Two improvements I'd find very helpful would be a linked
footnote/endnote mechanism (I do it all manually now), and an undo
mechanism (Ctrl-z) that works while editing text. I also wish that
applying a style to a paragraph would preserve italics, bold, etc., when
those renditions exist for the font defined in the new paragraph style.
It is tedious to have to go back and re-italicize sections of text
within the paragraph, and easy to overlook some portions.

Another thing I'd make good use of is an easy-to-use Linux-based page
imposition tool to replace the "Quite Imposing" plugin for Adobe
Acrobat. I hate having to run Acrobat Pro under XP in a Virtual Box to
do my impositions. I discovered the Multivalent java scripts, and they
work well, but I don't know when I'll get around to writing a front end
to make them more easy to use.

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