[scribus] Numerous problems that feel like scribus is screwing my work for me

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Thu Aug 5 13:02:19 CEST 2010

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   Name: Alexey
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   Subject: Numerous problems that feel like scribus is screwing my work for  

I have recently tried Scribus for making a 600-paged a5 book. Using Scribus for a week or more now, i have found certain problems, or bugs, i  
dont know, that seem to look like either scribus is bugged or i am doing  
something wrong. Those problems persist on two different computers (home,  
win7, work, winxp)

1) Scribus crashes at me, crashes alot. Mostly it happens if i change an  
image i use in my book. The moment i save, scribus is crashed. But it also  
happened once without image change. I dont understand why, because scribus  
has "update image button" thats supposed to do exactly this - change image,  
then hit that button

2) Scribus does not store coordinates correctly. For exampe, i have a text on  
a page resting on 19mm x 11mm and when i save the file and reopen it, it  
becomes 19mm x 10.987mm, or 19mm x 11.049mm, or something similar. I once  
manually restored everything, it took more than an hour (there is no option  
to "bunch" the objects to input one value for all, or at least i dont know it  
exists...). Its still back now! I didnt mention when it happened, but its  
back, i once again have those "close but not equal" values

3) Scribus does not update styles correctly. For example, i have a text made  
in OO writer. I import it and i see its not looking good. I then go and  
change a style in OO, save the text, but! the Style is already imported into  
scribus it seems, it WONT update it! So i have to manually work on the text  
in scribus story editor from now on...

4) I have a master page consisting of background (like old paper) and page  
number (- ### -). I wanted to try out different BG's so i made PDF, closed  
scribus, changed the images (the same image file just a bit more blended with  
white to make it less dark, edited in Gimp) and reopened scribus. Now it uses  
new images all right, BUT, the page numbers are broken. For when i reach big  
numbers (>100), the third number is sticking into the second, like if there  
is a negative distance between letters inputted for that number. I cant type  
it here of course, but it looks like -542-, and 2 is stuck into 4 with its  
top and bottom left edges. If i open the master page, its fine (the #'s arent  
stuck into each other) and if i close master page manager, its fine in the  
book too (back to normal). More than that, if i close scribus after opening  
it and seeing page numbers stuck into each other, the move back the images  
with old BG's, reopen scribus, then it will fix itself!

5) I have a font installed on my pc, Morpheus. in OO, i can make that font  
bold (ctrl b). If i import that text into scribus, it complains there is no  
Morpheus Bold installed in my system! What is that? If Bold is not an option,  
but a separate font, why does OO allows making bold letters?

6) Once i opened my doc in the scribus and some of my pages went corrupt.  
They were having image frames in them that were linking to several images,  
but 2 of them (first two image frames occurring in the book) changed into  
linking to a BG image (never used on the pages themselves, only on the  

7) If i ever want to change the layout of the files on the disk, i have to  
write down every image's properties on paper and reinput them. Because if i  
use "get image" the image properties (dpi, x,y,etc) are getting reset! Even  
if i use "find missing image" they are anyway reset! I started making this  
project when i had my pictures scattered, some in "pictures" folder, some in  
"ss" folder, some in root folder, also i've put scribus file into separate  
folder which later didnt make sence (easer to have it in root folder, easier  
to navigate from that). That is when i found this problem. TO change my  
layout of folders, i had to write down every image's properties to paper,  
then reinput them. Good i had little images used, and what if i would be in a  
process of making a photoalbum?

I understand maybe i am doing something wrong. But still...

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