[scribus] Ventura Publisher

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 5 10:29:50 CEST 2010

  John Jason Jordan wrote
I recommend installing Ubuntu alongside Windows at first. Ubuntu has a
program called Wubi that facilitates this. Once you have Ubuntu
installed alongside Windows you can install Scribus on it. Then you can
take one or more of your old forms and manuals and reproduce them in
Scribus. This will be a good exercise to introduce you to the Scribus
way of doing things, yet without the risk of missing a deadline. You
will still have Windows and Ventura if you need them.
Along similar lines if you still have your Windows and Ventura up and 
running, you could install the windows version of Scribus on that 
windows, you may find it easier to copy and paste text across from 
Ventura to Scribus and check settings, sizes, properties etc of things 
in Ventura while building the Scribus version. When you have finished 
you can copy the scribus file and all the images to your Ubuntu 
partition either manually or use the Scribus "Collect for Output" option 
under the File menu.

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