[scribus] From: "a.l.e", Subject: Re: re Jan de Weerd Inquiry: text into, Scribus

Michael F. Chamness michael at chamness-machina.com
Thu Aug 5 09:39:57 CEST 2010

  Thank you for your reply about using the story editor. Am I correct in 
believing that the story editor will eventually disappear? Its ok with 
me, results are sometimes unpredictable, and formatting is better done 
at the text frame itself. In the story editor would sometimes 
impose itself into the text import, nothing would show up in the text 
frame until I quit trying, and put it into the story editor instead. I 
figured that was just my inexperience at work. I don't know if that 
routine is also in, I haven't run into it yet. So far, any text 
I highlight and copy from any other program has dropped right into the 
selected text frame with a <Ctrl> V command, no problem.

Michael F. Chamness
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